Ego Umbra’s shortened version of The Three Fates created especially for the Hubba Hubba Revue variety show

Ego Umbra performs their eponymous piece - 'Shadow Self' - at Lumen Obscura in 2013.
Choreography and costuming by Raven Ebner.
Dancers are Raven Ebner and Erin Harper.

Ego Umbra’s full version of The Three Fates

Raven Ember of Hell's Sirens performing to "The Plasmatics - Legends Never Die/Ready To Rock" on the main stage at Wasteland Weekend, 2017.
Raven Ebner and Janelle Slavik perform at the 2017 Wasteland Weekend with the Hell's Sirens. Music by Orphaned Land

Ego Umbra presents original creation 'Memento Mori'.
Dancers: Raven Ebner, Keri Langwell, Jennifer Faust, Amber Burke
Choreography: Raven Ebner
Music by Adrian Copeland (2nd movement) and Clint Mansell (1st & 3rd movement).
Bras & Belts: Backpedal Corsetry
Dresses: Raven Ebner
Performed at Shadowdance on November 2nd, 2013 at Oakland Metro Operahouse