Upcoming performances

Besides performing with the Hell’s Sirens at Wasteland Weekend (more news on that soon), you can catch me performing my last piece in the San Francisco Bay Area before I go on the road for a year!

Friday, October 11th at the Hubba Hubba Revue at DNA Lounge in San Francisco. I’m putting together a whole new piece for this year’s WITCHCRAFT themed show. I guarantee it’ll make you live deliciously.
Buy tickets for this event HERE

Image on the flyer is of my piece with Ego Umbra at last year’s October show.

Image on the flyer is of my piece with Ego Umbra at last year’s October show.

Then, I travel across the entire country to the east coast to perform at Raven’s Night in Alexandria VA on Saturday November 2nd to perform that very same piece (if you didn’t pick up on the hint, it’s a tribute to the VVitch). I’ll also be teaching a workshop on Nov 3rd.
Raven’s Night website.
Find the Facebook event HERE

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Requiem: A Dark Dance Fusion Festival

I’ll be creating an original solo piece and performing at the first year of a new dark dance festival in Fresno, CA called Requiem at the Saturday night show (April 6th) entitled “Tales from Death’s Parlor”

I will also be teaching a workshop called “From Concept to Creation" on Saturday from 4-6pm:

Creating a dance piece is a multi-media endeavor, where we combine movements, music, costuming and makeup all to express a character or concept. In this workshop, you will learn how to take a seed of an idea and develop its different facets to create a full piece that can express a character, a narrative, or even an abstract concept.”

More information and ticket & workshop sales can be found at: www.requiemdarkfusionfestival.com

Help me make a belly dancing, fire-sword-wielding, massive headdress-wearing fire god, Ifrit, from Final Fantasy XV.

I'm teaming up with the incredible dancer Kamrah Raqs to make a Belly Dance Cosplay dream come true. Kamrah will get to have an incredible costume to perform his next-level fire-sword dance piece in, and I'll get to take on a major costuming challenge, picking up new skills and training just for this particular project.

Become a patron of this project by visiting our Kickstarter page!

A much needed updated & Things in the works..

I've been terrible about updating this news page, but a lot has happened in the last year.

The book 'Lamenting Avalon' by Benjamin Wachs has been illustrated by myself and a couple of other artists, and is in the final stages of the publication process, so keep an eye out for that. I'm currently working on a collection of additional fairytales by Benjamin under the title of "The Court of Joy" to be released separately.

My showing at Skin NYC: Tethered Hearts was a success, with me showing some of my visual works, as well as being in an art suspension myself! See the design I made custom for this art show below.

I had an incredible photoshoot with RJ Muna to capture my Baphomet costume in its full glory, and it's currently out for submission to various publications. I eagerly await the opportunity to release that photoset in full. I've also been working on a dance piece based off the costuming & concept using the music of Zeal & Ardor, and will be releasing video of that once it becomes available.

Thank you for checking in! I will try to be more consistent about posting updates here, so check back in to find out about upcoming art shows, new works, and performances.


Tethered Hearts artwork texture 01.jpg

The WunderKreature at Curious Gallery in Portland

The Mirabilidae (colloquially known as the "WunderKreature"). Click the image below for more information and images.

Corviid is transporting the Mirabilidae specimen all the way up to Portland for the Curious Gallery (January 7-8, 2017), a weekend symposium featuring artists, speakers, and vendors. She will be showing the WunderKreature with supplemental materials, as well as giving her talk:
"Artist Corviid (Raven Ebner) will bring you into the speculative world in which her creation: the Mirabilidae (or WunderKreature) exists, permeating history, science and mythology, along with other fantastic imagined creatures of the natural world and how they serve as a lens through which to view the cultural paradigm that created them."

 From the website:
"Long before public museums became a feature of many cities, private citizens in Europe and elsewhere formed their own extensive collections of scientific specimens and cultural artifacts meant to educate and inspire their beholders. A longtime collector of natural history specimens, Portland artist and author Lupa wanted to increase awareness and appreciation of wunderkammern ("wonder cabinets"), or cabinets of curiosity, and their eclectic contents. Curious Gallery is the result, a weekend of exhibits, presentations, hands-on workshops, and special programming for lovers of taxidermy, natural wonders, and strange treasures old & new."

Visit the Curious Gallery website by clicking on the picture below

Warehouse 416 Annual Small Art Show

Corviid has many prints and several small originals of works from the book Effigy up in Warehouse 416's Annual Small Art Show in Oakland, CA alongside a large group of fantastic local artists.

All works in the show are priced at $200 or under (with a few exceptions priced at $500 or under). This show is ideal for holiday shopping while supporting local, diverse artists and a fantastic gallery that does the same.

The gallery will be open and the artists present during the First Friday Oakland Art Murmur on Friday, December 2nd 6-10pm at 416 26th Street, Oakland. Click the image below to go to the Facebook event page for First Friday.

You can also purchase works online. Buy works on Cyber Monday (click the image below to go to the Warehouse 416 website) and save 5% by entering the code SMALLCYBER with your purchase.

Marvelous Strange Art Show

I'm very excited to announce I'm co-curating the Marvelous Strange art show with Annetta Black of Odd Salon.

The Marvelous Strange gallery show is a month long exploration of curiosities and wonders of the natural world and the artistic mind. The inspiration comes from the Wunderkammers, or Curiosity Collections, of Renaissance Europe.

The show is at the 5 Months Gallery: 989 Mission St., San Francisco.
The opening is Friday, March 4th, 7-11pm.

My co-curator and I are both building large, immersive installations. Mine is a speculative fiction piece in which a specimen from a made-up family of organisms, the Mirabilidae or WunderKreatures (as they are colloquially called) is put on display. This is a mixed-media sculptural and assemblage piece with supplemental writings and diagrams by the artist and other literary collaborators.

We will feature ten other artists that explore their own interpretation of a curiosity collection; focusing on the inner and the outer world.

View the Opening Event and the gallery show's Page on Facebook.

A Project From Hell

I recently completed my physically largest project to-date. This was a sculpture, painting, AND costuming project all rolled into one and put on steroids: two larger-than-life sized puppets for the metal band From Hell.  The top half alone stands 5 feet high. With the tassles hanging below, they are 8 feet tall.

This provided me a timely opportunity to experiment with new techniques, such as large-scale foam sculpting, which was such a pain in my tiny home studio. (oh the horror, oh the mess.) But well worth it as I move into larger sculpture territory almost right away for my upcoming installation in the Wunderkammer show. More posts about that as that develops. But for now, enjoy these pictures (from my 'commissions: albums, shirts, etc.') and some really creepy video that the frontman of the band sent me of the puppets hanging in their new home base in the Oakland Music Complex.

Faces were made with a custom-sculpted positive mold, and then each was hand painted.

Faces were made with a custom-sculpted positive mold, and then each was hand painted.

The insignia down the middle was pieced together with separate appliques and hand-painted to fit the final vision.

The insignia down the middle was pieced together with separate appliques and hand-painted to fit the final vision.

Detail shot, with one of the Sigil paintings lurking in the background.

Detail shot, with one of the Sigil paintings lurking in the background.

Welcome! A brand new updates section.

This news section is brand new. I'll be updating with new works in progress as I undertake some really huge projects. I'll be posting about upcoming art shows, performances, and any other opportunities to see and/or purchase my work. Keep checking back for the latest news!