The WunderKreature at Curious Gallery in Portland

The Mirabilidae (colloquially known as the "WunderKreature"). Click the image below for more information and images.

Corviid is transporting the Mirabilidae specimen all the way up to Portland for the Curious Gallery (January 7-8, 2017), a weekend symposium featuring artists, speakers, and vendors. She will be showing the WunderKreature with supplemental materials, as well as giving her talk:
"Artist Corviid (Raven Ebner) will bring you into the speculative world in which her creation: the Mirabilidae (or WunderKreature) exists, permeating history, science and mythology, along with other fantastic imagined creatures of the natural world and how they serve as a lens through which to view the cultural paradigm that created them."

 From the website:
"Long before public museums became a feature of many cities, private citizens in Europe and elsewhere formed their own extensive collections of scientific specimens and cultural artifacts meant to educate and inspire their beholders. A longtime collector of natural history specimens, Portland artist and author Lupa wanted to increase awareness and appreciation of wunderkammern ("wonder cabinets"), or cabinets of curiosity, and their eclectic contents. Curious Gallery is the result, a weekend of exhibits, presentations, hands-on workshops, and special programming for lovers of taxidermy, natural wonders, and strange treasures old & new."

Visit the Curious Gallery website by clicking on the picture below