Marvelous Strange Art Show

I'm very excited to announce I'm co-curating the Marvelous Strange art show with Annetta Black of Odd Salon.

The Marvelous Strange gallery show is a month long exploration of curiosities and wonders of the natural world and the artistic mind. The inspiration comes from the Wunderkammers, or Curiosity Collections, of Renaissance Europe.

The show is at the 5 Months Gallery: 989 Mission St., San Francisco.
The opening is Friday, March 4th, 7-11pm.

My co-curator and I are both building large, immersive installations. Mine is a speculative fiction piece in which a specimen from a made-up family of organisms, the Mirabilidae or WunderKreatures (as they are colloquially called) is put on display. This is a mixed-media sculptural and assemblage piece with supplemental writings and diagrams by the artist and other literary collaborators.

We will feature ten other artists that explore their own interpretation of a curiosity collection; focusing on the inner and the outer world.

View the Opening Event and the gallery show's Page on Facebook.