A much needed updated & Things in the works..

I've been terrible about updating this news page, but a lot has happened in the last year.

The book 'Lamenting Avalon' by Benjamin Wachs has been illustrated by myself and a couple of other artists, and is in the final stages of the publication process, so keep an eye out for that. I'm currently working on a collection of additional fairytales by Benjamin under the title of "The Court of Joy" to be released separately.

My showing at Skin NYC: Tethered Hearts was a success, with me showing some of my visual works, as well as being in an art suspension myself! See the design I made custom for this art show below.

I had an incredible photoshoot with RJ Muna to capture my Baphomet costume in its full glory, and it's currently out for submission to various publications. I eagerly await the opportunity to release that photoset in full. I've also been working on a dance piece based off the costuming & concept using the music of Zeal & Ardor, and will be releasing video of that once it becomes available.

Thank you for checking in! I will try to be more consistent about posting updates here, so check back in to find out about upcoming art shows, new works, and performances.


Tethered Hearts artwork texture 01.jpg