The following are videos of talks I've given related to the WunderKreature. The first video is a much shorter talk (about 17 minutes) given at Odd Salon that focuses mainly on cryptozoology & natural history intertwining and only briefly mentions the WunderKreature.

The next two are a talk divided into two parts (with just a little missing time) that delves into the historical practice of creating mythological creatures, and how it reflects upon the changing paradigms of different societies. Using this backdrop, I then delve into the speculative world of the Mirabilidae and its historical, scientific and mythological dimensions as a contemporary example of the process and purpose of creating mythological creatures. This talk was given at an art show I co-curated called Marvelous Strange, which took place at the Five Months Gallery in downtown San Francisco.


Part I:

Part II (continuation of talk)
Mention of the WunderKreature begins at 7:57. Unfortunately the video runs out before the end of the talk.